Marble Polishing

California Marble offers the best marble polishing service in Irvine, CA, and surrounding areas—call our marble floor restoration experts today for a free estimate.

Marble is one of our specialties, as a soft stone prone to etching and scratching. Each blemish dulls the marble surface, and etching occurs from spills. Abrasive cleaners can also trap grit and grime that makes marble lose its luster, especially in high-traffic areas exposed to dirt and debris.

At California Marble, the team specializes in marble cleaning and polishing to restore floors and other marble surfaces to like-new condition. If you are searching for cost-effective marble polishing services, our expertise is perfect for any natural stone surface or concrete surface in Irvine, CA.

Our Marble Restoration Services

The California Marble team offers comprehensive marble care and restoration services, from full transformations to regular marble cleaning and polishing. The beautiful soft stone adds timeless beauty to any space, but marble needs special care to keep it looking and performing at its best. Part of the premium services from California Marble is our full marble care service for commercial and residential applications—feel free to ask us about the details when you call us for an estimate.

Marble Cleaning

It is hard to top the professional cleaning services from California Marble when you want to restore your Irvine marble floors to their former beauty. Our California-based flooring experts use high-quality cleaners and calibrated tools to deep clean the marble and remove years of build-up without compromising the natural stone’s durability or beauty.

Marble requires precise cleaning attention from a well-trained hand like ours. Harsh cleaners damage marble floors quickly, and even some “natural” products pose a danger to the marble’s integrity and longevity. Any cleaners with acidic bases (like vinegar) will etch marble, so California Marble uses only high-quality products that are tough on dirt and grime but gentle on the stone.

Marble Polishing

A professional touch is essential to the safety of your marble floor, and our team provides the necessary certifications and experience to work with this beautiful stone. Working with marble polishing tools needs careful attention to detail to avoid damaging the flooring, and we have been working with natural stone for over twenty years. Our marble floor polishing service uses the same precautions as cleaning, with equipment and products designed to deliver outstanding results and preserve the marble surface.

We do not use coatings or wax for the mirror-like shine; instead, we use the proper tools. Coatings and waxes provide an artificial sheen that does not last and can turn yellow with time. These products also dull the surface, which is why we use more dependable processes to extract the natural shine of the stone itself.

Our technicians use diamond pads and calibrated equipment to polish the marble and release the natural luster of the stone. It is entirely safe on the stone surface and produces long-lasting results.

Our Marble Restoration Process

California uses a four-step process to restore Irvine’s marble floors to their fullest potential:

  1. Deep machine cleaning. We use state-of-the-art equipment and safe marble cleaners to strip away dirt and grime.
  2. Filling cracks and pits. We fill any cracks or pits before proceeding, and the repairs are seamless.
  3. Diamond Resurfacing. A diamond pad resurfaces the marble evenly and reveals the beauty underneath years of grime and wax build-up for buffed and beautiful floors or counters.
  4. Marble sealing. Sealing the marble protects it long-term. Instead of spills staining the surface, homeowners and businesses can simply wipe these substances away.

Our marble restoration technicians have the skills to do the job quickly without sacrificing quality, no matter whether it is for a residential or commercial application in Irvine, CA.

Restore Marble Flooring Instead of Replacing the Stone

Marble is a unique stone in that no two slabs are identical. If you find damages in one area of the marble surface, cutting that section away and replacing it will probably result in a haphazard finish. The two pieces won’t match.

If you want a cohesive finish, why not try marble restoration from California Marble instead? It blends the restored area seamlessly to the rest of the aesthetic, and it is often much cheaper than a full replacement. Our process is an affordable way to bring back the glory of marble floors without the expense of replacing them; you can retain the flow of the original design without cutting away the natural form.

Protect Your Investment

Marble floors add a touch of elegance to any space. These luxurious floors can cost thousands for installation, and protecting that investment is easy with our affordable repairs, maintenance, and marble polishing processes. Looking after the floors will ensure that generations can enjoy the classic beauty of the surface, whether you own a home or a commercial property in Irvine, CA.

Save time and money on an improved aesthetic for your marble polishing service with California Marble.

Our restoration process includes:

  • Removing surface cracks to prepare for thorough marble polishing
  • Filling in larger cracks with fine-tuned repair skills
  • Removing yellowing build-up and stains

Our team can buff away many surface cracks and pits with our professional marble polishing process. If the problem is deeper, we fill it and use our custom match kit for a seamless blend. Marble restoration services also remove yellowing and staining for a marble floor in like-new condition.

Why Choose California Marble for Marble Floor Restoration?

Our name says it all: California “Marble” are specialists in marble polishing and maintenance services. We have the training, equipment, and experience needed to restore marble surfaces and protect them from long-term wear and tear. Our teams have provided unmatched marble restoration services in Irvine since 2001, and we continue to exceed the community’s expectations on our extensive stonework and concrete coatings services.

The California Marble stone experts have the proper training and techniques to repair marble, add luster, and protect it. We put our customers first, and our well-trained artisans understand what stone needs to look its best for years to come.

Premium Marble Refinishing Near Me

Are you searching for premium marble polishing services from experts in Irvine, CA? California Marble offers upfront and honest estimates for any natural stone and concrete coating project in the area, including the surrounding communities.

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