Commercial Epoxy Flooring

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If you are searching for high-performance, durable, and premium-quality commercial epoxy floor solutions at a competitive price, you are in the right place. California Marble is the go-to contractor for superb concrete floor finishes, an experienced team, and unmatched services.

We understand how much your company, employees, and customers mean to you and how much time and money you’ve spent building your business. Like other local business owners, you don’t want your outdated or stained industrial floor, parking lot, or entrance to make a poor first impression or endanger the safety of your employees or customers.

The short and warm summers in Irvine, CA, are enough to damage your concrete and deteriorate your driveway or patio floors. From workshops to garages, walkways, manufacturing plants, or retail store floors, we transform it all using a 100% epoxy base coat and a polyaspartic top coat. Contact us today to discuss your flooring needs, and we’ll provide you with all details.


Commercial Floor Coatings in Irvine, CA

At California Marble, we have the experience, skills, and equipment to remodel industrial floors of all sizes. So, whether you hire us to apply epoxy and Polyaspartic over your garage, auto showroom, or commercial kitchen floor, you can count on us to use the best products on the market. Our commercial floor coatings are highly customizable in appearance and color, have stain, water, and heat resistance, and are impervious to chemicals and acids.

Retail stores, manufacturing facilities, and office buildings with high traffic can all benefit from our commercial epoxy flooring solutions. We are proud to serve the Irvine, CA, area, including:

  •     Santa Ana
  •     Newport Beach
  •     Anaheim
  •     Long Beach
  •     Mission Viejo
  •     And many other areas

You can say goodbye to the stains, cracks, and blemishes on your floors and welcome new, durable flooring solutions that will make your business look more professional. Polyaspartic is also UV-resistant, meaning your floors won’t turn yellow or peel due to sun exposure. If you are ready to give your commercial floor a new look, book an appointment with us.

Commercial Epoxy Floor Creates a Safe Working Environment

Commercial epoxy floors can not only update your facility and impress your customers, but it can also create a safe working environment for your employees. Our concrete coatings are highly resistant to abrasion, perfect for automobile showroom flooring. The coatings we use are also the most adhesive on the market.

Slip-and-falls that result in injuries happen every day in the workplace. While they can occur on any floor type, they are more common on tile, concrete floors, and other hard surfaces. Slippery floorings are dangerous for everyone walking on them, including your management staff, workers, business partners, and customers.

Installing a non-slip commercial epoxy floor is an excellent way to reduce the risk of falls and injuries in your workplace. The cost of installing non-slippery epoxy coating is less than dealing with employee compensation claims due to falls and injuries. You can count on California Marble to install commercial epoxy floorings in:

  •     Commercial kitchens
  •     Manufacturing facilities
  •     Employee break rooms
  •     Barbershops
  •     Hotels and restaurants
  •     Garage floors and parking lots
  •     Warehouse floors
  •     Walkways and driveways
  •     Office spaces

Commercial Concrete Floor Sealer

Our team in Irvine, CA, uses durable technologies and premium concrete floor sealer to provide a seamless finish with a high level of stain and chemical resistance. We can help you choose the right base color, flake, and top coat to match your facility.

Customer satisfaction is high on our priority list, so rest assured we’ll meet and exceed your expectations, no matter how complex the project looks. Each technician in our team has the knowledge to handle even the most complicated jobs and provide you with epoxy and polyaspartic flooring that will increase the safety of your workers and impress your customers.

If you are ready to start, call us at (800) 421-3152 to learn more about the services we offer and get a free, no-obligation estimate. 

Our Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating Process

At California Marble, we constantly update our coating process to keep up with industry standards and deliver impeccable results. Once we help you choose the color and flakes for your commercial floors, we start the application process.

  •     Step 1: Site Preparation: We will move furniture, tools, or pieces that impact the coating process.
  •     Step 2: Surface Smoothing: Uneven floors can affect the final look, so before we apply the first layer, we use diamond grinding to smooth the surface and clear away imperfections such as cracks and bumps.
  •     Step 3: Epoxy Applying: We apply the first layer of our 100% epoxy to create a flawless foundation.
  •     Step 4: Flake Scraping: Next, we apply flakes to create a unique design and scrape the excess off for an impeccable finish.
  •     Step 5: Polyaspartic Coating: In the final step, we apply a non-slip, UV-resistant, and durable polyaspartic coating to protect your concrete floors against wear and tear, moisture, and deterioration.

We know our process works, and we never sacrifice quality for quantity. You can trust us to deliver excellent results on time and without any interruptions. Our contractors will come, do their job, and leave your property without disturbing you or your employees.

Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating Service

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Commercial concrete floors in Irvine, CA, are susceptible to damage due to high traffic and high temperatures. If you want to protect your floors and ensure they can withstand the heat, trust our team for a quick transformation.

Investing in commercial epoxy floor solutions can help create a safe place for your employees to work, increase your property value, and boost curb appeal. We back up our floorings with a written 10 year warranty to provide maintenance services for any peeling or chipping.

Contact California Marble today at (800) 421-3152 to talk to one of our flooring contractors in Irvine, CA, and schedule your commercial epoxy floor installation. By choosing us, you can enjoy the advantages of premium-quality products, unmatched services, and industry experts.