The Best Concrete Coatings in Orange County

Get rid of old, ugly, bare, or cracked floors, dull marble floors and lifeless natural stone at your home or business with our Beautiful & Functional showroom-ready concrete coatings, marble polishing, and natural stone restoration services utilizing the highest grade materials for exceptional results!

Concrete Polishing

Marble Polishing

We specialize in marble concrete polishing services & restoration for residential and commercial properties. Our process is environmentally friendly, safe to use indoors, provides sound absorption qualities, can be applied to any surface type and is guaranteed not to fade or wear out.
One Day Epoxy Floors

Concrete Coatings

We offer a range of services covering everything from marble concrete coatings to installation and restoration. We offer our clients a variety of colors, finishes and textures to choose from. Our team is fully equipped with all the necessary skills to ensure your project’s success.
Marble and Natural Stone

Natural Stone Restoration

Stone restoration is a process that brings back the beauty and protects the integrity of natural stone. We offer a full range of services for both interior and exterior marble, travertine and limestone.  We are committed to preserving the integrity of your investment by utilizing only the best materials and techniques
One Day Epoxy Floors

Garage Concrete Coatings

California Marble is a premier garage floor coating company that provides the best garage floor coatings in Anaheim, CA. With our services you will receive a superior-quality product with an affordable price. We offer a 10 year warranty on all of our products so you can rest assured your investment is protected.

Having the right process in place for every aspect of our business is what makes us who we are.

In choosing California Marble for your concrete coating, marble polishing, and natural stone restoration, you will receive a one of a kind service experience.

From the first moment of answering our phones in the office to shaking our customer’s hand after they give the thumbs up wrapping up a project, we have a specific process in place to ensure quality is NEVER sacrificed.



Commercial Concrete Coatings

California Marble is a company that specializes in commercial concrete coating services. We offer our clients the best quality workmanship and service, with competitive pricing. Our team of professionals will transform your home or business into an aesthetically pleasing environment to be proud of.

If you’re a business and want to upgrade your space to a premium coating solution – the team at California Marble are experts in Commercial Epoxy Coatings, so please don’t hesitate to call us today for your free estimate!

How It Works

We install our product in your garage, patio, pool deck, driveway, sidewalk, or business in just ONE DAY!

We back our products with our 10 Years Product and Labor Warranty, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality product with the highest quality service
that will last for decades to come.

Step 1



Profile, repair, & vacuum the concrete surface to ensure the strongest bond.

Step 2



We apply 100% solids to patch up any cracks in the concrete flooring.

Step 3



We apply a self-priming pure polyurea base coat before getting ready to lay down some flake!

Step 4



A polymer flake is generously hand broadcast providing even color & texture to the floor.

Step 5



All excess flake is scraped off the floor leveling the floor to prepare it for final sealing.

Step 6



Finally, we apply a UV stable polyaspartic topcoat.  Your new floor will be ready for light foot traffic after 6-8 hours.

Why choose Us?

Perfect Installations.
Outstanding Customer Service.

Innovative Designs

Highest Quality Products Available on the Market

Industry Leading 6-Step Process

Excellent Customer Service

Locally Owned and Trusted Family Business

10 Years Product and Labor Warranty


We’ve taken some time to get our processes and some examples made up for you to see on our YouTube page.

Past Work

If there is any chipping, peeling, or blistering of your coating within 10 years of our installation, we will come out and fix it for free.

Not a cent will come out of your pocket.

Serving customers in all of the Greater Irvine, CA area, we follow rigorous standards to be sure that your new floor is of the highest possible quality.


California Marble of Irvine, CA

EVERY job is done right and our customers are 100% Satisfied.

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The Versatility of Epoxy Coatings for Garage Floors, Pool Decks, and Beyond

The Versatility of Epoxy Coatings for Garage Floors, Pool Decks, and Beyond

In recent years, a remarkable transformation has taken place in the world of concrete surfaces. Homeowners and businesses alike are discovering the incredible benefits of epoxy floor coatings. What was once a simple, dull concrete floor has now become a dazzling, durable, and visually stunning surface. From garage floors to pool decks, patios to driveways, epoxy coatings have become the go-to solution for those seeking long-lasting, attractive, and functional spaces.

How To Protect Your Pool Deck with Concrete Coatings

How To Protect Your Pool Deck with Concrete Coatings

If you have a pool, you know how important it is to keep the area around it in good condition. The pool deck, in particular, is exposed to a lot of weather and wear. It needs to be able to withstand the elements, as well as the traffic of people walking on it regularly. One way to protect your pool deck is to use concrete coatings. These coatings can provide a number of benefits that can help your pool deck last longer and look better.

Benefits of Using Concrete Coatings In Your Garage for 2023

Benefits of Using Concrete Coatings In Your Garage for 2023

As homeowners continue to seek ways to improve and maintain their properties, the benefits of using concrete coatings in garages have become increasingly apparent in 2023. Not only do these coatings provide practical advantages such as protection against stains, cracks, and other damage, but they also enhance the appearance of the garage and increase its overall value. Additionally, concrete coatings can help to reduce slipperiness and make cleaning and maintenance easier, making them a highly desirable solution for homeowners looking to optimize their garage space.