Pay Attention To These Things When Applying Concrete Coating To the Patio

Many people are unaware that the surface they are coating must be prepared before they begin. Apparently, if you plan on coating the concrete anytime soon, you must first prepare it. This is critical if you want a longer-lasting coating.

A concrete patio is an elegant and long-lasting addition to your outdoor space. Concrete, while strong, is also highly porous, making it vulnerable to all types of environmental deterioration. Sealing your concrete floors with the appropriate coatings is one of the best ways to protect and extend its lifespan. Proper preparation and planning, as with any application, are essential for achieving the best results.

Keeping this in mind, here are things to pay attention to when applying coatings to your patio or deck.

What’s the condition of your floor?

Before you contemplate the ultimate appearance of your floor, you should first consider what is currently on your concrete surface. If your concrete currently has paint, vinyl, or tiles on it, you will need to remove it entirely or grind it back to make it uniform enough for an epoxy floor coating to develop a long-lasting bond with the ground. California Marble & Epoxy offers a professional floor service to assist you in preparing your concrete slab ready for coating.

Is your floor available for downtime?

The more time you can dedicate to shutting down your work area, the more options you will have. However, it’s important to keep in mind the curing times for the coatings you’re using. Some coatings require a full week to cure, with limited use allowed only after a few days. Failing to follow these curing times can result in the instructions for the coating not being followed properly, leading to disappointing results. To avoid this, it’s crucial to strictly adhere to the curing instructions for epoxy coating and plan for ample downtime.

Is your floor suitable for epoxy?

“All concrete is the same”. We’ve all heard this phrase, but in reality, it’s not true at all. Some factors come into the picture and can affect the outcome of the surface. However, worry no more! There are always options available to address these issues. When assessing concrete for an epoxy floor coating, it’s important to consider the following questions:

  • Are there any variations in elevation throughout the floor?
  • Does the slab have any expansion joints?
  • Is there any indication of moisture or any other liquid penetrating the concrete?
  • Are there any visible indentations or cracks on the surface?

Do you have a budget?

This is considered to be one of the most critical factors to think about when obtaining a quotation. Always keep in mind that the price represents the longevity and performance of the product in this industry. Be wary of paints and epoxy coatings services that have a fixed price per sq meter.

Opt for High-quality concrete coating

Investing in a high-quality concrete patio coating is always preferable to settling for a lower-quality option. Superior coating, of course, costs more upfront. Keep in mind, however, that the short-term cost of selecting a high-quality product is offset by long-term benefits such as superior durability, reduced maintenance requirements, and a longer lifespan. So, while you don’t want to spend too much on concrete flooring, you should also consider the bigger picture.

Concrete Coating for Your Patio

At California Marble & Epoxy, there is a reason why we recommend and install concrete coatings for our patio and pool decks. These coatings are highly flexible, durable, and customizable; they are also simple for professionals like us to install. California Marble & Epoxy coatings are ideal for concrete patio coatings that will last a long time regardless of the weather. Call us at 949-537-2467 or email us to learn more about us and what we do!

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