5 Advantages of Applying Epoxy During The Winter Season

epoxy floor coatingThe season of joys and holidays is coming, but are your concrete floors ready? Going in and out of your garage increases the likelihood of snow, ice, and mud residue remaining on the floor. Cold weather can tremendously harm concrete, particularly in cold climates such as California.

This damage is frequently produced by the concrete freezing and thawing at irregular intervals, producing damage to the concrete that compounds from one winter to the next. Additionally, some of the common types of damage are crumbling, separating, and cracking.

Consider installing epoxy floor coatings on the floors of your garage- since not only do they assist to keep out moisture but also offer protection against wear & tear! As you’ll see, you don’t have to wait until the weather gets better up in the spring to enjoy the advantages of a fresh garage epoxy coating before the weather gets better up in the spring.

How the Winter Season Affects Concrete Flooring

The temperature drops more in the winter, compromising the structural integrity of the concrete. Cracks, dents, foundational shifts, and other problems can arise due to the environment’s constant freezing and thawing, combined with temperature fluctuations.

What Does Epoxy Floor Coating Do To Your Floors?

There are numerous factors to consider when replacing a floor. You want a solution that provides excellent value for your money in terms of durability, usability, and aesthetic appeal. Given these factors, consider the most impressive advantages of an epoxy garage floor coating.

Improve appearance

Winter grit and grime can make garage floors dull and lifeless, but with epoxy floors, this wear and tear are minimal. You don’t have to be concerned about salt staining your porous concrete floors in the long run. Washing your epoxy-coated garage floor is simple and does not require as much maintenance as a regular concrete floor.

Protect from water damage

Water damage is more likely in basements than garages, but it can still be an issue, owing to water dripping off your car’s tires and onto the concrete floor. Temperature swings from freezing to thawing can warp the structure of your concrete, causing problems you don’t want. Coating your concrete floors with epoxy will protect the floor’s integrity and add a water-resistant barrier to the concrete’s surface.

Moisture resistance

An epoxy floor coating prevents the cement garage floor from absorbing moisture from snow and ice that can track into your home. Another benefit of epoxy flooring is that it can seal the warm air in the room by blocking the moisture on the floor. Non-slip epoxy floorings can be a safer alternative to cold cement flooring.

Epoxy is non-slip

Safety is always a top concern with flooring, and your working space is no different. If you’ve ever been on a slippery floor, you know how dangerous they can be. During the winter, when snow and ice track into the floor from outside, your floor can become wet – and wet floors are slippery. There are both temporary and permanent solutions to avoid injury or damage from a slipping floor.

Tough floor coating for cold temperatures

Epoxy flooring is very durable and can withstand cars, heavy activity and tough winter equipment. An epoxy floor provides a layer of protection against dirt and snow, and it is simple to clean with a broom and mop. Epoxy-coated floors are also mildew and mold-resistant, providing years of traffic with stellar results. These concrete coatings are resistant to chemicals, stains, and oils that may be present on the ground, and they perform well in inclement weather.

Epoxy Floor Solutions At California Marble & Epoxy

Our epoxy coatings are designed to withstand all seasons and seasonal temperatures by providing protection year around. California Marble & Epoxy is committed to giving the best products and protection in epoxy floor coatings offered. Protect your investment and find out more on the latest in our epoxy flooring systems available. For more details, please consult or speak with our team at California Marble & Epoxy today at 949-537-2467.