Why Use Epoxy Basecoat & Polyaspartic Topcoat

On January 27, 2022

There have been numerous efforts aimed at preserving and beautifying concrete floors. Epoxy basecoat floor coatings, for instance, have for a long time been a popular choice as they offer both beauty and durability. However, polyaspartic coatings have recently entered the scene and have rapidly become the favorites of those looking for a speedy dry rate. This post considers each of these concrete coverings and how they compare to one another.

Epoxy basecoat material

We believe that a deep penetrating epoxy is the best choice for the base coat system element (the material layer added right to the concrete following a preparation). Based on years of expertise and advice from major concrete coating vendors, we advocate using only 100 percent solid high-grade deep penetration epoxies as the base coat components.

Since epoxies dry at a slower rate as compared to polyaspartics, they can permeate far deeper into the concrete casts before hardening, resulting in significantly greater adherence. Profound penetrating epoxies also come with unique ingredients that improve the material’s capability to absorb further into the cement casts. This permits a two-day installation of a floor sealant.

Therefore, disregard any contractors using polyaspartics to attain a one-day setup or trying to convince you that polyaspartics are an ideal selection for the system’s base layer over epoxy. Besides, some vendors using polyaspartic for the base coat layer do that to speed up job completion and simplify processes by applying just one solution.

Although it is undeniable that they can lay these floors within one day, this does not imply that they are the ideal base coat option. It is likely that the floor could start deteriorating after only a few years.

Polyaspartics do not bind as well as 100 percent solid high-grade deeply penetration epoxy resins. Besides, several vendors employing polyaspartics for both the base and topcoat levels of a system apply lower-quality polyaspartics. Compared to high-grade epoxy resins and polyaspartics, these can be about 30 percent less solid. This means their solvents dissipate when the solution dries. As a result, once the floor cures, it gets 30 percent thinner and may have a significant solvent odor as it hardens, reducing its longevity.

Polyaspartic for a topcoat

The primary advantage that makes polyaspartic the ideal topcoat solution is its ability to dry quickly. The primer or seal coating can be tack-free and set for the second coat in about an hour, based on its formulation. In most cases, you can step on this topcoat in 3 to 4 hours. Furthermore, it can withstand automobile traffic for 24 hours.

For exterior applications, polyaspartic’s UV resilience minimizes discoloration and structural damage. It helps preserve the hue of the base concrete against fading because of UV exposure.

Polyaspartics have strong abrasion resistance, hence they can last for a considerably long time and keep their shine even in heavy-traffic areas. These coatings are also dirt, acid, and chemical resistant, making them ideal for harsh environments like industrial flooring and basements, along with food service establishments and breweries.

Polyaspartics dry through two segments of cross-linking, as opposed to humidity and temperature, which is common in most sealants and other coats. Therefore, they are applied in different weather and temperature settings and, unlike other coating systems, they have minimal VOCs and a very minimal smell.

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