How Commercial Epoxy Flooring Can Create Safer Work Environments

On February 16, 2022

Have you ever wondered why so many businesses choose commercial epoxy flooring for their establishments? Let’s look at several reasons why.

Epoxy flooring for commercial premises guarantees high performance, safety, and durability while being beautiful, functional, and easy to keep clean. As all businesses strive to keep their costs down, this flooring solution makes complete sense.

We examine how commercial epoxy floors create a more comfortable working environment for greater workplace productivity and safety.

What Is Commercial Epoxy?

Commercial epoxy combines epoxy resin and a hardener that react together to form a solid floor covering. When applied to a concrete surface, this compound solidifies to create a robust and protective coating.

These resins can also mix with other chemicals to produce different effects. When combined with polymer grits, epoxy creates a non-skid texture for enhanced safety. Similarly, when combined with vinyl, quartz, or mica pieces, epoxy can offer high visual appeal.

How Does a Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating System Improve Workplace Safety?

Commercial establishments like restaurants, schools, hotels, research labs, and factories need a durable and safe flooring solution. Consider the various ways that commercial epoxy flooring proves safer than other types of flooring, including tile, concrete, rubber, vinyl, hardwood, or laminate.

Because flooring experts coat epoxy floors with a polyaspartic clear coat that protects the base coat, these high-traffic businesses won’t have to worry about adverse effects like chemical and stain corrosion, microbial infection, abrasion, and moisture penetration.

Top benefits of commercial epoxy flooring for enhanced workplace safety include:

Non-Skid Protection

Epoxy flooring provides anti-slip and anti-skip protection, making it ideal for high-traffic commercial and industrial spaces.

Because this flooring incorporates an anti-skid additive made from aluminum oxide that creates a slip-resistant surface, it helps business owners ensure the everyday comfort and safety of their customers and employees alike, preventing accidents, slips, and falls.

Effortless and Hygienic Maintenance

Epoxy topcoats are incredibly easy to upkeep because of their seamless and abrasion-resistant qualities. These properties mean that you only need a broom, soap, and water to keep them clean as they do not stain, scratch, or, unlike tile and other floorings, collect dirt, grime, and microbes in between the crevices.

Overall, commercial epoxy floors create a cleaner work environment, reducing cleaning and maintenance costs.

Increases Light Reflectivity

Epoxy is ideal for commercial and industrial spaces as it increases light reflectivity by up to 300%. This quality enhances visibility, creating a more comfortable and safer workplace. In addition, epoxy floors reduce the amount of electricity a business needs to operate, bringing down utility costs.

Allows for Painted Markings

Because epoxy floors contain an anti-skid component, it makes it easier to paint safety, directional, and other markings essential to business operations onto the floor. This quality comes into its own in commercial and research settings, such as hospitals, laboratories, law enforcement facilities, and other sensitive work areas.

Chemical and Corrosion Resistant

These fast-dry flooring solutions contain a protective polyaspartic surface that guards against corrosion.  These clear topcoats protect the floor and those working on it from deterioration and chemical exposure, respectively.


Commercial epoxy floors also prove highly moisture resistant. This means that stain-causing mold, mildew, and other damaging microbes can’t penetrate and thrive inside the floor surface due to moisture penetration.

Greater Durability

Commercial epoxy topcoats offer incredible durability. These coatings not only save businesses the hassle of maintaining cracked or chipped concrete but also bring tangible cost savings because repairs and maintenance are kept at a minimum.

Whether you’re in a commercial warehouse that uses heavy-duty forklifts or in a car dealership with multiple vehicles on show, epoxy provides a smooth and durable finish that won’t deteriorate easily.

Contact Us for Commercial Epoxy Flooring for All Types of Businesses

Commercial epoxy floors remain the ultimate flooring solution for businesses desiring enhanced workplace productivity and safety. These flooring systems ensure that employees work safely, and visitors feel comfortable whenever they visit your establishment.

At California Marble, we specialize in providing quality commercial epoxy solutions to our customers. Our flooring solutions will protect your business investment, making your workplace a more productive and safer place for employees.

For over 20 years, our outstanding work and reputation have kept our customers coming back to us for repeat business because they know they will get a durable, high-performing, and safe flooring solution from us.

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