Commercial Epoxy Flooring: Important Information & What to Avoid

On March 16, 2022

Commercial Epoxy flooring is also known as epoxy resinous flooring, and it is a durable, customizable, and sustainable floor. It is created by mixing different products. The flooring material is made from epoxide resin, polyamine harder, and additives. These combine to produce a highly customizable, sustainable, and durable flooring system. It also shields your floor from scratch, high temperatures, and chemical reactions.

You can transform and protect your concrete surface, fortify your floor, and preserve it against harsh impacts. A California Marble Epoxy flooring expert can get rid of dull, old, cracked, and lifeless-looking floors. That is the best way to make your commercial building attractive and eye-catching. There are also multiple non porous layers of customized epoxy floors. The material in each layer bonds with the floor to create a strong and resistant surface. Such floors are attractive and can withstand wear and tear.

What You Should Avoid With Epoxy Floor Coating

Work with experts if you want to use the proxy materials to spruce up your auto shop or garage floor to protect it from harsh wear and tear. A California Marble epoxy expert will ensure you do not experience any of the common epoxy floor coating issues. That is because the experts understand the importance of prepping the floor before installation.

Also, experts know how to apply the product following all the application directions to apply and seal the surface to ensure a flawless process. Here are some common epoxy issues you should avoid during your installation process.

Formation of Pinhole Bubbles

The best thing about working with California Marble epoxy flooring experts is that they understand the process well. They will ensure that they do not allow air to be trapped in the product during mixing, resulting in bubbles’ formation. Applying the product during cold weather may also result in your floor having some bubbles. But the experts will ensure they use a power drill to mix the materials and avoid cold weather.

Different Epoxy Coating

Before you begin your epoxy coating project, it is important to know that floor coating has different kinds. Each one needs a different approach, and you must know before beginning the process. If you install the epoxy without knowing how you need to prepare it and whether you can decorate it or not, then you are deemed to have poor quality. When you work with experts, they will know what each kind of epoxy requires to give you the kind of surface you need.

Improper Surface Prep

Surface prep is a critical stage of the epoxy flooring process, and you must do it correctly. If you miss anything in this stage, you will likely be disappointed with the whole process. California Marable installation team is experienced in surface prep. They use their skills to eliminate cracked floors and replace the lifeless stones with eye-catching and dazzling epoxy coatings.

Moisture Trap

Unlike concrete and other floor coatings, epoxy is not a porous material and therefore does not allow the materials beneath it to breathe. As a result, experts know that installing epoxy coating materials on a floor after washing it risks trapping some moisture beneath it. But you can avoid this mistake by ensuring that you dry the surface well after washing before applying your coating.

A Dull or Cloudy Finish

One reason for installing epoxy coating is to give your commercial space a brilliant look, but sometimes you may not achieve that. First, you need to know that moisture and humidity interfere with the curing process of your epoxy coating. As a result, you get a dull and cloudy finish instead of the gorgeous and attractive surface you expect. One of the things you can do to avoid this scenario is to make sure you do not expose the surface to water before it is completely cured.

If you plan to install an epoxy coating on your commercial floor, save yourself any trouble by working with an expert installation team. For a classy and attractive floor, visit our website and request a free quote.

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