One Day Epoxy Floor Coating

The Superior Benefits Of A Custom Epoxy Floor System

Add value to your home or business!

Our 1 day epoxy floor coating system allows for minimal downtime for your business or garage. Our custom accelerator is added to the epoxy along with a fast drying polyaspartic top coat to create our 1 day epoxy floor coating system. This allows the customer to be able to walk on the floors just 24 hours later.


The old phrase “time is money” couldn’t be truer in this case. Why pay for a floor that may take 2-3 days to complete, when we can do it in one day!

Having an epoxy floor in your garage can be a nice, clean place where your kids can play or a convenient area for a home gym.

Learn more about the benefits of our 1 day epoxy floor coating system:

Extensive Selection

We offer many styles of floor finishing systems, from epoxy garage floor coating to chip, metallic, and polyurea. We can assist you pick the best garage floor coatings for your budget and aesthetics.

Impact Resistance

No matter the style you choose, all of our garage floor coatings are built to resist chemicals, sun damage and abrasions.

Year-Round Flexibility

Our 1 day floor coatings, unlike concrete, are able to expand and contract as temperatures change guaranteeing floor coverage that won’t peel or flake.

Enhanced Safety

Perfect for rooms which are regularly exposed to chemicals and water, and adds a textured finish that is slip resistant.

One Day Epoxy Installations

Our most popular epoxy floor coating can be installed in one day resulting in very little down time for your business or garage. With the combination of our patented accelerator, epoxy primer, fast drying polyurea and polyaspartic top coats you can achieve a one-day install.

Durable & Strong

Our coatings can be used in an industrial, commercial or residential setting. Our coatings will provide the customer with a strong and very durable floor that can be used in a restaurant kitchen, food processing plant, airplane hanger, garage or even a public restroom.

Built To Last

Our epoxy floor coatings will penetrate deep into the concrete creating a strong bond and adhesion that is backed by our 100% guaranteed warranty against any peeling or flaking.

Easy Maintenance

Our clear polyaspartic top coat provides an impact and chemical resistant floor making the floor easy to clean and basically maintenance free!

See Examples Of Our Epoxy Floor System Transformations

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Standard Pricing for Epoxy Floor Coating

$3.75/square foot and an additional $150 for the stem walls. Minimum of $1500.*

2-Car Garage

$1500-$1700 approximately

3-Car Garage

$1900-$2200 approximately

*Prices subject to change without notice. Please contact us for any questions or to receive a no-obligation estimate.

Request a No-Obligation Estimate for Your Epoxy Garage Flooring

With California Marble, you’ll get a garage floor system that’s expertly installed and specially designed for a lifetime of low-maintenance use. To learn more and request your free consultation and cost estimate, give us a call or submit our quick online form now!

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