Natural Stone Restoration

Natural stone restoration is an expensive investment and should be properly cared for and maintained to prolong its luster and beauty. Interior natural stone is very porous and should be professionally cleaned, polished or honed, and sealed every 1-2 years or as needed. Exterior stone should be professionally cleaned and sealed every 1-2 years. Proper cleaning and sealing will help prevent stains, water damage, hard water spots, mineral buildup, and prolong the life and beauty of the stone.

Natural Stone Restoration

California Marble provides a large array of support for most natural stone restoration services including but not limited to all of the following:


Marble has been treasured for centuries for both its beauty and utility. It’s a natural limestone that has been transformed, through heat, pressure and time, into a lovely and durable building material that is commonly used for flooring, counters, staircases, tables and fireplace mantels. A polished finish has a glossy surface and reflects light and enhances the natural color in the stone. All marbles require care and treatment and at California-Marble we deliver the best results in your marble stone restoration, protection, and polishing.


A honed finish on stone flooring creates a stunning satin finish that is smooth to the touch and creates a rustic appearance. Honed flooring is more scratch resistant than a polished stone flooring so it is particularly popular for high traffic areas.

Diamond Sanding and Resurfacing

Diamond sanding, resurfacing of natural stone is used to remove scratches, stains, grout burn or any other type of etchings.

Lippage removal and floor leveling


A Lippage is a difference in elevation between the edges of stone tiling often giving the flooring an uneven appearance. Stone floor lippage can be caused by natural settling of the flooring or poor installation. California Marble can correct this difference in elevation by grinding the borders of the tiles and removing all the edges.


Sealing a stone floor is one of the most important steps in preserving your stones appearances and protecting your stone flooring from stains and other damages. California Marble offers a variety of sealant styles from transparent finishes to color enhancing sealants that can protect and elevate your elegant stone flooring.

Grout Cleaning and Repair/Replacement

Porous grout can be a magnet for dirt, dust, and other particles. California Marble has professionally trained staff to make your grout sparkle. We use the latest technology and cleaners to clean grout in your home or office. We also offer grout removal and re-grouting when necessary.

We provide many services in addition to the above. We will work with you and suggest the treatment that best suits your lifestyle and needs.

To learn more about general information on Natural Stone information visit wikipedia.