Epoxy Floor Installation

Epoxy Floor Installation Professionals – California Marble

Our epoxy floor installation and coating provides durability with beauty for your garage, restaurant and industrial floor coating. Epoxy floor coatings are versatile, durable, elegant, economical, and easy to maintain to turn your garage, restaurant and industrial floor into a beautiful floor.

Quality Epoxy Flooring You can Count On

Our talented team of epoxy flooring specialists has spent years installing and selling top quality flooring with vendors and customers around the world. Over those years our industry relationships have grown, and we extend the savings we receive along to our customers. Our collection of unique and impressive epoxy flooring products will help you affordably beautify your home.


Our Typical Epoxy Applications include:

Garage Floors, Warehouses, Showrooms, Auto Service Bays, Retail Spaces, Schools, Hospitals, Food Service Areas, Airplane Hangars, Bathrooms (commercial)

Epoxy Floor InstallationEpoxy flooring provides durability with beauty for your home or work. Color flake epoxy coatings come in eight standard background colors with the option of adding eight standard vinyl chip flake blends for a wide variety of styles.

Epoxy coatings are versatile, durable, elegant, economical, and easy to clean and maintain. It can also be combined with secondary waterproofing coatings for floors of overpopulated spaces. Let us turn your dull, stained, and cracked concrete into a beautiful “showroom looking” floor.


Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Professional – No matter what you use your garage for, there are many colors of epoxy coating to choose from to customize your room.
Resistant to Water and Stains – Applying an epoxy coating instantly transforms a regular cement floor into a non-porous surface.
Damage Resistant – You won’t have to worry about dirt and debris scratching or marring your floors brilliant surface.
Economical Choice – Because epoxy is less expensive than most finishes, lasts a long time and stands up to damage, it is perhaps the most cost-effective flooring you can apply to your garage or shop.
Perfect for Resurfacing – Because of epoxy’s chemical nature, it tends to level itself out. This means that it will obtain a smooth, even finish without any effort on your part.[/su_column]

California Marble creates high quality epoxy floors that give an elegant and high-end look. Majority of our epoxy floor installation jobs originate from referrals, which we like to believe speaks about the high quality of our work. We arrive on time and maintain clear communication during your entire installation process. We guarantee that no other epoxy floor installation company will provide the same level of quality and service!

For more general information about epoxy installations visit wikipedia.